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The description of the property set forth on our website or the channel you used to book your stay, including without limitation the parking limitations and maximum occupancy information are part of this agreement and are incorporated herein by this reference.  You must be twenty-four (24) years of age to rent any property, no exceptions.  You hereby confirm that you are at least twenty-four (24) years of age.  Failure to comply with this acknowledgement constitutes a breach of this agreement, consequences will be enforced at the discretion of Killington Rental Associates.

No matter the length of your stay at the property, you acknowledge and understand that this agreement memorializes a short term nightly rental arrangement and does not constitute a lease of any duration.

Cancellation Policy –

                Non-Holiday – If you cancel sixty-one (61) days before your arrival day, there will be a full refund.  Sixty – Thirty-one (60 – 31) days before your arrival day, there will be a cancellation fee of Fifteen percent (15%) of the reservation total (rent, fees & taxes).  Thirty (30) days or less before arrival day there are no refunds or transfers.

                Holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, MLK, President’s weekend/midweek) – Sixty (60) days or less of arrival day no refunds or transfers.

No refunds or compensation will be given if the property becomes unavailable (or if the property is available but difficult to reach) for any reason outside of our normal reasonable control, including but not limited to adverse weather, road and/or driveway conditions, natural disasters, epidemics, or other acts of God, mechanical failures, acts of government agencies or authorities, or utility outages.  For any unforeseen circumstances Killington Rental Associates reserves the right to, among other actions, relocate guests to another similar property, cancel the stay, or issue a credit for a future stay.  In the event the reservation is moved, changed or a credit for a future stay is given, the reservation will not be eligible for cancellation or refund.  If you do not book direct, instead book through a third party (Airbnb, VRBO/Homeaway,, etc.) additional fees, refund and deposit policies may apply (however all other terms and conditions of this agreement remain the same).  Please review all policies of any third-party booking site prior to confirming your booking.

Upon booking the property, you are required to make a payment in the amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of the reservation total that day.  The remaining amount due will be due 30 days before arrival day.  If you make a reservation that is thirty (30) days or less, the reservation total will be charged the day booking is made.  Credit cards are accepted for all payments, we do not accept checks or cash payments.  A security deposit will be collected the day of arrival, this is an authorization on a credit card.  Condos have a security deposit of $500, Private homes, or properties with hot tubs have a security deposit of $1,500.  You will be provided with directions to the property, entry code or key once security deposit has been collected.  If you made your reservation via a third-party, additional fees, refunds, and payment policies my differ, which is your sole responsibility of knowing (all other terms and conditions of this agreement remain the same).  Review all policies of any third-party booking sites prior to confirming your booking.  You acknowledge you are also responsible and liable for all amounts, and expenses not paid for by your credit card company.  You acknowledge you are also responsible and liable for any amounts incurred in connections with your short-term rental of the property.  Killington Rental Associates shall have all rights available by law and in equity to collect such amounts if you fail to pay.  You agree to pay all such amounts owing immediately on demand, without setoff of any kind.  Any amounts owing that remain unpaid after thirty (30) days following demand will accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month or the maximum amount permitted by law, which ever is less.  You also agree to pay all attorney fees, costs, expenses, and other charges incurred by each party, including costs of appeal, together with interest on any judgment or away, in collection any moneys owed by you to Killington Rentall Associates under this agreement.  You are the responsible renter of the property, and you agree to be an occupant of the property for the entire duration of the rental.  All other occupants are required to be family members, other responsible adults over twenty-one (21) years of age, or persons twenty-one (21) or under accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  You agree to be solely responsible for your actions and omission, and the actions and omissions of such other persons or any other guests or invitees present at the property at any time during your stay and ensure that all occupants understand and comply with the terms of this agreement.   You acknowledge that you are solely responsible and liable for the safety and security of you and each occupant during your stay.  Under this agreement you are required to treat the property with the same or better care you would use with your own residence, and in any case with no less than reasonable care, and to leave it in the same condition it was when you arrived.  To prevent theft or damage to furnishings or your personal property, you are required to close and lock doors and windows when you are not present at the property and upon check out.    You also acknowledge you are required to comply with all check out procedures (given upon check in), and other rules and requirements of the property.  We enforce a good neighbor policy.  You and your occupants agree to conduct yourselves throughout your stay in a manner that is respectful of and not disruptive to neighbors, traffic flow, or the community, that is not in violation of any local, state, or federal laws, and that will not promote complaints from police, neighbors, or neighborhoods, or homeowner’s associations.  Noise audibles outside the property (including music or loud voices) is prohibited between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

The number of occupants (including children) present at the property may not at any time exceed the maximum occupancy set forth in the property description. 

No smoking of any kind is permitted at the property (including porches, decks, or outdoor areas).  Smoking means inhaling, exhaling, breathing carrying or possessing any lighted or electronic cigarette (also means no electronic vaping), any tobacco or marijuana product in any manner or in any form.  No marijuana, medical or otherwise maybe used, grown, stored, or consumed at the premises.  If smoking is found on the premises, there will be a $250 fine plus cost of extra cleaning.

No pets of any kind are permitted at the property except as specifically authorized prior to arrival.  Service animals required by law are allowed with proper identification and authorized prior to your arrival.  If a pet/animal is found to be at the property during any part of your stay, there will be a $500 charge for extra cleaning.  If a pet is authorized prior to your arrival there will be a $250 pet fee accessed/added to your reservation total, and to be paid prior to arrival date.  You are to clean up after your pet, and properly dispose of clean up.  If Killington Rental Associates must clean up after your pet, there will be an addition $200 fee implemented and charged to your security deposit.

The property may include a hot tub, jacuzzi, sauna, bunk bed, access to swimming pool, fitness equipment.  You acknowledge and agree that the equipment and activities carry risks.  You and your occupants acknowledge they inherent all risks and assume all risks resulting from or related to access to and use of the equipment or engaging in the activities, including the risk of death, physical injury, and damage to property.  With respect to hot tub properties, you acknowledge to agree to all terms and conditions to the “Hot tub Agreement/Contract” given at check in.  Additional hot tub fees apply to all properties with hot tubs.  That fee is included in the final price of your reservation which is to be paid in full as same as under payments section listed above.  Between November and April, the hot tub fees/usage are not optional, however for reservations between May and October you can opt out of use of the hot tub.  If you choose to opt out of use of the hot tub, and it’s found the hot tub was used there will be an additional $400 fee incurred and taken from your security deposit.

Some properties offer electronic locks, the code will be provided at check in.  If property offers keys, those will also be provided at check in.  If keys are not returned to our office, you will be responsible to key the costs/expenses to replace the lock at the property.   This amount will be taken from your security deposit.

Killington Rental Associates makes every effort for a check in time of 4 p.m., during peak times this isn't quarenteed.  Check out time is 10 a.m.  Early check in or late check out maybe available, as determined and approved by Killington Rental Associates, additional charges may apply.  If you do not vacate the property by check out time (or by granted late check out time) you authorize us to deduct from your security deposit or bill your credit card for a late departure fee as much as one night’s rental rate. 

The property is provided to you in as-is condition.  Killington Rental Associates will not be responsible – nor will you be provided with a discount or refund – for the inoperability or unavailable of any amenities (included by not limited to phones, internet service, air conditioning, TVs, DVD, cable, and any other equipment).  You agree to contact us as soon as you notice any maintenance or housekeeping issue, or any potentially hazardous or unsafe conditions.  Killington Rental Associates will take all reasonable or appropriate steps to remedy any reported, urgent, hazardous, or unsafe problem as soon as practicable.  Killington Rental Associates employee may enter the property to remedy any problem you report or of which we become aware of, or otherwise to protect the property or persons.  We will seek to limit our access to reasonable times and upon reasonable notice, but we reserve the right to inspect, maintain, or repair the property and to address any situation that we reasonable deem an urgent matter or emergency that threatens persons or property without advance notice. 

Killington Rental Associates will provide each property with linens for all beds listed in the property description, wash cloths, bathmat for each bathroom, bath towels (2 per person for the number of people the property sleeps listed in property description).  Killington Rental Associates will also supply an initial supply of toilet tissue, paper towels, laundry detergent, dish detergent, sample size shampoo, and bar soap.  We may not be able to bring you additional items, so plan accordingly. 

Use of the property for criminal activity or any activity that results in harm or nuisance to others is prohibited and may result in fines, penalties, prosecution and/or eviction.

Any failure by you or any occupants to comply in full of any of the terms of this agreement may result in a forfeit to rent the property, or immediate eviction with no refund.  You are responsible and liable for, and you authorize us to deduct from any deposit you have made with us or to bill your credit card on file for the full amounts indicated in this agreement.