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The Snowshed Adventure Center has something for the whole family! The Adventure Center is open during the summer to all who are looking for a fun day of adventure. If you don't plan on riding any of the rides, you don't need a ticket! Tickets are required for the Woodward Wecktangle, Soaring Eagle, Zip Line Racer, Beast Mountain Coaster, Trampoline Jump, and Skye Ropes Course. Some attractions are free, including our hiking trails, wellness walking path, and mountain gym. The Snowshed Food Court is open daily for delicious, fresh, and local lunch options.

If you plan on spending the entire day here, we recommend you get the Unlimited 1- day Pass. The Day Pass includes unlimited use of the Beast Mountain Coaster, K-1 Gondola, Zip Line Racer, Skye Ropes Course, Woodward WreckTangle, Soaring Eagle, Trampoline Jump, and Amaze'n Maze. Additionally, you will have access to the non-ticketed and complimentary Downpour Derby and Kids Playground attractions.



Purchase single-ride tickets in advance and save up to 25%
Pre-purchased tickets must be purchased before midnight on the day of arrival.


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